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Marxist Ideology, Domestic Violence Stereotypes Are Nuking the Nuclear Family

December 18, 2022 Dave Campbell
Clarity from Chaos Podcast
Marxist Ideology, Domestic Violence Stereotypes Are Nuking the Nuclear Family
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Show Notes

The Big Lie About Domestic Abuse…A discussion with Dr. E. Edward Bartlett

Clarity from Chaos Guest:  Edward Bartlett, the President and Founder of the Coalition to End Domestic Violence. 

All the research shows that women are just as likely, or even more likely, than men to engage in domestic violence!

For example, a compilation of over 300 scholarly investigations in 40 countries around the world concluded that “women are as physically aggressive as men (or more) in their relationships with their spouses.”

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control reports that each year, there are over 4 million male victims of domestic violence, compared to only 3.5 million female victims of domestic violence.

And what’s really interesting is that women in same-sex, lesbian relationships are at far greater risk of becoming victims of domestic violence, compared to women in heterosexual relationships. 

Despite this fact, domestic violence laws in the United States and elsewhere usually refer to domestic violence victims as “women and girls” – no mention of “men and boys.” 

This myth fosters harmful stereotypes of men that serve to:

•          Block male victims from getting help,

•          Cause false arrests of male victims, and

•          Marginalize fathers from their own children.

So what the heck is going on???

Like many issues in our society, the answer is ideology – Marxist ideology, to be exact.

That’s because Marxists believe that the traditional family is “oppressive” to women. They don’t really say why families are oppressive to women – in fact, lots and lots of studies show men and women who are married live longer and are generally happier.

But again, this is a matter of ideology, not science. So gender activists are working night and day to weaken and destroy the family by trying to marginalize fathers. 

And obviously, if there’s no father, you don’t have a nuclear family!

Which explains the Big Lie that domestic violence is all about men abusing their wives and girlfriends. As a result of this myth, women think twice about getting married. And in the event of a divorce, they may try to block the father’s connection with their children.

So that’s how Marxist ideology is driving public policy about domestic violence and tearing apart our families.

BIO: Bartlett serves as the Founder of the Coalition. He received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University. Former faculty member at three universities, and former federal regulator at the Department of Health and Human Services. Author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles and editorials. Proud father of three and an avid bicyclist.

ABOUT: Domestic violence is a serious problem that knows no boundaries of sex, economic status, or education. The Coalition to End Domestic Violence (CEDV) is a broad-based network of concerned groups and individuals committed to finding substantive solutions to stop domestic violence in the United States.


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