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April 03, 2023 Dave Campbell
Clarity from Chaos Podcast
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Clarity from Chaos guest: Mr. Gordon Knight, author of Deep 6 Diaries, The True Story of One Little Guy Trying to Defend Himself, His business, and His Elderly Father from Bullying Bureaucrats and Government Criminality.

Civil Servants bullied the little guy.
He fought back.

This is the story of how Gordon Knight’s family business was targeted for destruction by the Canadian Civil Service, envious of Knight's success and wanting the lucrative monopoly that would result from crushing him. 

It’s the story of this one man defending himself, his business, and his family against the might of the marshaled forces of the Federal Government.  And it’s about corruption run by that Government in its own country, and in the US, and throughout the world. The bureaucrats, it turned out, weren’t targeting Gordon Knight as a one-off; it was part of a much broader practice.

The bureaucrats were running cross-border counterfeiting operations, pay-to-play schemes, selling legislative votes, tax fraud, they were caught falsifying import documents, safety testing results, fabricating entire certifications, and all in trade for money. And Americans died as a result. 

This same Civil Service caught in corruption was caught rigging the trials that threatened to expose it. Then they arranged for a life-sentence in prison for Gordon Knight, on conjured charges of course, but unofficially because this one man had reported civil service conduct in public, posted with voluminous evidence.

His position unsafe in Canada, Gordon Knight fled the country. Gradually, the story of one man fighting back had become the story of massive government corruption within the Civil Service in Canada and in the US, collusion between government departments in both countries and between the Canadian civil service and the judges of the courts; a relatable story of a real Deep State advancing its own interests at the expense of the people it’s supposed to be serving.

This is the record of one little guy in the fight of his life. It’s told in date entries, week-by-week reporting of civil service conduct and defensive moves to stay afloat. It’s the story of what it takes to survive and to win against the longest odds. An instruction manual, if you like, for sinking the corrupted ship of state. The editor is listed anonymously for their protection.

Mr. Gordon Knight, author of Deep 6 Diaries, is the owner of PS Knight, a publisher of electrical guidebooks. For more than 50 years Knight’s family business has been publishing such guidebooks on how to install electrical wiring safely and in compliance with electrical laws. But Knight has a competitor — the Canadian government, which also publishes its own guidebooks.

Right now, after nine years of litigation and a run all the way to the Supreme Court, in order to protect the private interests of the civil service, the Courts of Canada have Ruled that laws are indeed privately owned by whomever drafted or lobbied for their passage into law.

Gordon Knight has fled Canada.


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