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April 18, 2023 Dave Campbell
Clarity from Chaos Podcast
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Clarity from Chaos Guest: Ms. Maxine Albert, longtime partner of author Curtis Ellis, who died from his battle with cancer on February 14, 2021.

“When the history of this time is written, Curtis Ellis will be remembered as an economic nationalist who answered the call and manned the ramparts.… Curtis Ellis was an American Original…a man of ideas and a man of action; Curtis Ellis knew the issues; Curtis Ellis knew the players; Curtis Ellis knew the traps.”

—Steve Bannon, Preface Author, and former White House Chief Strategist

Pandemonium: China’s Global Strategy to Cripple America

This comprehensive, vitally important book reveals China’s decades-long campaign to weaken and overtake America through economic warfare, trade abuse, technology theft, and cyber espionage. Curtis Ellis, one of the most strategic thinkers of our time, offers a precise and skillful analysis to create an essential roadmap in redirecting American thinking about the Chinese Communist Party and its mission for global primacy. The reader will find compelling reminders of how our nation’s successes were built on the principle of self-reliance and became the greatest industrial power in the world, how far we have strayed from that path and lost our way, and how we can get it back.

Pandemonium: China’s Global Strategy to Cripple America is our urgent wake-up call as we face the greatest national security challenge of our century. The stakes couldn’t be higher with China’s increasing aggression, nuclear expansion, and the escalating military buildup paid for by America’s middle class. Curtis Ellis warns that “A crisis with an extraordinarily ambitious China is inevitable.” Heshows how we can win with his groundbreaking plan featuring a bold, transformative “New Declaration of Independence" that will end America’s dependence on China and set our nation on a new course.

Ms. Maxine Albert was a columnist for Elle Magazine and a leading public speaking consultant. Ms. Albert, known as the ‘Speech Detective,’ has worked with political leaders, candidates, members of Congress, policy makers, professional athletes and others to transform each individual into a powerful speaker.

Maxine has been featured in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, WWD, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Huff Post, Washington Times, Bella Magazine and on CNN.



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