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Is the Conservative Media Gone?

May 10, 2023 Dave Campbell
Clarity from Chaos Podcast
Is the Conservative Media Gone?
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Show Notes

Ratings King Tucker Carlson Ousted At Fox News; Last Show Aired Friday

Brian Kilmeade Fills Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Slot After Firing: ‘I Wish Tucker the Best’

CNN Blasts Don Lemon Over Statement, Claims It’s False

Clarity from Chaos guest: Mr. Sam Anthony, CEO/President of [your] NEWS Media Group.

[your] NEWS Media Group is the world’s first cloud‐based integrated social media news and advertising platform; a place where targeted local and syndicated content from individuals and organizations alike can be published alongside targeted local and national ads allowing readers to get the information they want and advertisers to get the ROI they need. 

Dramatically improved results lowered communication costs, and greater overall efficiency, [your] NEWS represents the best of Google News, Twitter, Drudge, Facebook, and your local news source rolled into a powerful yet easy-to-use cross-platform, cross-device solution.

Averaging well over seven million monthly page views, and in the top 1% of all websites in the world for traffic, [your]NEWS is excelling rapidly and is being recognized as a premier news provider.

Sam Anthony, CEO/President of [your] NEWS Media Group, the first cloud-based integrated social media news and advertising platform.

Sam left college at the age of 21 to begin his first of many professional successes delivering personalized brokerage services to key clients with B. Robinson & Company. He went on working as a retail broker with Lehman Brothers in Downtown Chicago, boutique firm Comprehensive Capital, where he gained experience in selling private and public investment, and Joseph Charles & Assoc., Inc.

Sam previously led, a startup he launched to pioneer Internet advertising sales, employing 20 programming and ad sales team members. 

Sam and his team are diligently expanding and adding excited advertisers, partners and Citizen Journalists as the [your]News brand continues to expand its reach across all state borders and soon to extend that reach to borders globally.




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