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Our very own American Gulag: The January 6 Prisioners

November 15, 2023 Dave Campbell
Clarity from Chaos Podcast
Our very own American Gulag: The January 6 Prisioners
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Show Notes

Are Guantanamo Bay Terrorists Treated Better than J6 Prisoners?

Clarity from Chaos special guest: Tim Rivers, author of The American Gulag Chronicles. Part One: Letters from Prison The American Gulag Chronicles: Letters from Prison is a collection of the prisoner’s dispatches over the past nearly two years as pretrial defendants from squalid, inexplicably cruel conditions in jails across the country that will leave a hard-forgotten scar on our Nation’s conscience for many years. This book is a Chronicle of those represent the bellwether of this storm for conservative dominance – a group of people who are being imprisoned and persecuted for a cause they believe in by a government that views them as enemies of the state. This book is their story in their own words, written by their own hands.  The American people need to read “The American Gulag Chronicles” and spread awareness of what has happened and what is happening to the patriots in this Republic we hold dear. What happened to them could potentially happen to ANY AMERICAN!” Part Two: Art of Confinement Coming in December of 2023! PLUG BOOK: The American Gulag Chronicles

Tim Rivers, author of The American Gulag Chronicles was a retired IT engineer, Fortune 100 executive and writer.   Together with Marie Goodwyn, J6 mother and activist, they created J6 Patriot News, telling America up to date information about the state and mistreatment of these patriots and how they could help them. In 2022 he founded THE AMERICAN GULAG CHRONICLES and began publishing the letters, art and stories of America’s new political prisoners to the public.



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